Back To Marketing is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency dedicated to increasing Sales & Brand Awareness for Clients with modern Marketing Strategies, Tools & Technologies.

. . . We've helped well over 100 businesses achieve their Marketing and Sales goals.

Our History and Looking Forward!

Back To Marketing LLC. was formed in the state of Georgia in April of 2018 in Norcross, GA.  The vision and leadership is provided by Founding Member Marcus Davis who is a Digital Marketing Expert with over a decade of experience in Social Media Management, Web Design, and Advertising for small businesses.  We were originally created as an agency who worked with Realtors through a one year exclusive contract with a prominent brokerage.  Since then, we have continued to focus on working with businesses in the Real Estate industry.  However, we have and continue to help businesses from all industries when called upon.  Our methods, tools, strategies, and experience can be directed to  your business regardless of industry.

In the last quarter of 2020, Back To Marketing received financial and technological investments while adding new owners.  We are currently undergoing substantial growth and looking forward to expanding our products, services, and events in the near future.  Our team is here to help you succeed online using proven techniques and technologies combined with solid managing avenues that bolster your marketing efforts.  We can be your guide to effective advertising, social media management, website design, content creation, and more as you focus on what you do best.  Let our years of research and experience work for you to reach new customers while maintaining contact with your established clientele.  We meet you at your level before taking you to new heights.

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Social Media Management

Software Licensing and Sales

Learning Library (Courses)

Content Creation

Advertising Management

Website Design

Back To Marketing now also offers ways to work directly with us to build a career in Marketing or to expand your existing business by using and/or selling our software and systems. Click below for more info:

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Like To Do Things Yourself For Your Business Or Other Businesses?

Interested in having the tools and knowledge of an agency like ours. . .

We have the Software and Tools to help you succeed in any business. Become an Expert or acquire the tools that make the most complex tasks easy to do yourself.

Our Online Learning Library has the resources needed to take any business to the next level and beyond. Easy to follow courses that take you from Beginner to Expert.

"Since we added our new Software Development Department along with our new Online Learning Library, I can confidently say that we now have products and services that can help any business grow on any budget!" - CEO Marcus Davis

We also offer training and have opportunities in the following fields:

Let Us Bring Our Experience Into Play And Help You Build Your Business Or Complete That Important Project.

Businesses With A Great Online Presence Are Built To Last!

From Social Media, to Podcasts, to Streaming Services, to Online Events, the internet is only becoming more of a normal hangout place for many people. . .

To attract new customers to your business, you need great content online to be visible and start a conversation.

When people search online for content, products, and services, does your business stand out or even show among the results?

Having any problems online, get Back To Marketing.  Solutions for Business Problems.


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